OPPO A94 5G – Wireless Smartphones

Best Wireless Smartphones – Oppo A94 5G Oppo A94 5G Smartphone from MTK is considered a breakthrough in the field of smartphones. It is the first smartphone that comes with a built-in Mirasol display that comes with Wide Color Viewing capability. It also offers users a range of connectivity features including Windows dialer, Windows Exchange … Read more

OPPO Find X2 Review How To Use It


OPPO Find X2 Review – How To Use It The Oppo Find X2 is your flagship smartphone from Oppo. It has an advanced dual-camera system called Dual Shot. It has the ability to capture still shots in addition to movies in high definition. It’ll support Android 7.1 Nougat. The OPPO Find X2 has the power … Read more

How to Listen to Podcasts on Spotify App Pro

Listen to Podcasts on Spotify Pro App You will now be able to listen to your podcasts from the new version of this Spotify App. The latest release of the app gives you the privilege to have the opportunity to listen and enjoy music videos from the largest internet libraries including Apple’s iBooks, in addition … Read more