Lenovo Yoga Smart Tablet Review

Product Review – Yoga Tablet From Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

The new Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is packed with all of the latest high-tech features and is the perfect companion for your yoga exercise routine. It offers complete portability and versatility to allow you to exercise from wherever you are. This article will discuss some of the key features of this tablet PC.

The Yoga Smart Tab has a large, high-quality 10.1 inch, LED

The Yoga Smart Tab has a large, high-quality 10.1 inch, LED-lit, touchscreen display to help you get the most out of your workouts. Your Yoga Smart Tab is ergonomically designed to maximize your comfort and ease while working out. Its signature multi-orientation design comes standard with a built-in kickstand which allows you to tilt, rotate, and hold your tablet in different positions. You will enjoy a premium experience with the exclusive 10.1 FHDPI, IPS, and digitizer touch display.

Yoga tablets is surprisingly good for a smartphone

The battery life on these Yoga tablets is surprisingly good for a smartphone. With a battery life of up to ten hours, you can have hours of powerful work left on the clock. You can also take calls, browse the internet, watch movies, listen to music, or do many other activities while your laptop is charging. The Smartpen on the Yoga Smart Tab helps you take notes, record videos, draw pictures, and upload them to your PC or e-mail. If you need to stay organized, the multi-orientation, easy-to-use GPS navigation tool is an excellent feature.

Yoga Smart Tab has a five-point adjustable keyboard

The Yoga Smart Tab has a five-point adjustable keyboard that offers complete control over the functions of your Smartpen. With the wide-ranging array of functions, you can really get your groove on. This amazing tablet computer from Lenovo has a solid, yet lightweight, full-touch back-lit screen. This high-resolution screen is at eye-level making it easier to read, and viewing the screen is easy no matter where you are leaning. You will love all of the different functions and the convenience of the multi-orientation display and the built-in, fully functional kickstand.

battery power Of Yoga Smart Tab

The only negative that we could find was the battery life. Battery life is extremely short on these Yoga tablets, typically last from two to four hours. It would be best to save the battery power for use when you really need it and not for constantly checking your email.

Overall, the Yoga Smart Tab from Lenovo is one of the best tablets available. It has an incredible backlit screen that you can brighten or dim depending on what you are doing, and it comes with many of the great software features available. If you want a tablet that has everything you need, this is the one to buy. From its sturdy design to the powerful software, the Yoga Tab from Lenovo is one of the best you can buy.

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