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Video Editor – KineMaster Premium

KineMaster Video Editor is a professional video editing software, which can be obtained free of cost. It can trim, move or emphasize any part of the footage captured using a digital camera. It sports a library system that allows you to categorize images and videos in accordance with their types and figures. Using KineMaster Video Editor, you can produce an amazing movie from the convenience of your cell phone.

high-quality video editor packed

KineMaster is a simple-to-use, high-quality video editor packed with powerful tools to suit all requirements of a movie shoot. Kine Master has a lot of preset styles including a film look, home video appearance, reality show look, portrait look, and a combination of different artistic styles. With Kine Master Video Editor, you can trim, move, highlight or darken any region of the footage recorded. You can blend several layers of the movie together or insert text into videos, enhance colors and contrast. You can use Kine Master’s reverse function to combine all images together before adding them to the timeline.

Kine Master video editor comprises lots of innovative features

Kine Master video editor comprises lots of innovative features to create editing your videos easy. The one-touch video Recording feature immediately captures the action in the scene with the press of a single button. This feature also enables you to capture your video without any complicated settings or time delays. For added effects, the video editing program lets you apply transitions, titles, fades, and audio to your videos. The Easy Effects panel helps you to select and use the right visual effects. KineMaster also offers a wide range of filters and special effects for you to enhance your videos.

KineMaster has the power to insert music tracks through the video recording and insert text and subtitles while editing. The Video Editor tool supplies a wide assortment of picture-in-picture (PIP) and green screen effects, which you can use with your favorite video programs. KineMaster also offers a QuickTime video output choice. You can link your video recorder with your computer via a USB cable for live view and editing.

KineMaster also offers these tools for image retouching

KineMaster also offers these tools for image retouching: Adjust pan, zoom, and picture-in-picture consequences. For movie tours, KineMaster enables you to pause the tour and have a snapshot of the location. It also integrates with Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can preview your photos in the Gallery and apply different effects with KineMaster filters.

KineMaster provides endless features for producing the ideal video. The movie editor’s interface is simple and intuitive and it’s very easy to learn the application. KineMaster provides a rapid and fluid performance thanks to the advanced technology that it uses. This outstanding movie editor not only enhances your videos but in addition, it enables you to save time and money.

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